Gratitude at The Miriam Hospital

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“I am grateful for every professional who helped take care of me, from the people working in the kitchen to the cleaners, the CNAs, the nurses and doctors – they were all fantastic. My experience being sick with COVID-19 in the ICU was scary, but at the same time it moved me.”

Marc Thibault, the first patient diagnosed with and treated for COVID-19 in Rhode Island

Marc's Story

In late February 2020, after coming home from chaperoning a high school class trip to Europe, Marc Thibault started experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. Days later, with his condition worsening, the then 48-year-old followed a gut feeling that told him to go to The Miriam Hospital. There, Marc tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first patient diagnosed and treated for the disease in Rhode Island. Close to death and fighting for every breath, he was soon put on mechanical ventilation. Eventually, Marc turned a corner and was well enough to have the ventilation tube removed. He ended up spending weeks recovering in the ICU before he was well enough to return to his home in Coventry. He vividly remembers how scary it was to be so critically ill – especially at a time when the medical community’s understanding of the virus was still evolving. Now recovered, Marc also looks back on his experience with immense gratitude. For the nurse who took the time to shave his beard in full PPE. For the courageous cleaning staff who entered his room when he knew it was the last place anyone would want to be. And for his team of doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists, who worked tirelessly to help him beat the disease.

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