An Important Announcement about Bravo Bradley: Today’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Triumphs

Bravo Bradley Charting the Future

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and restrictions on large-scale gatherings in Rhode Island, Bradley Hospital must cancel 2020’s much anticipated Bravo Bradley gala. Although we will miss celebrating with friends to support Bradley, we can still work together to raise vital funds. Please consider donating to the Bradley Hospital Greatest Needs Fund or to the Healing Arts Program, the fund-a-need beneficiary. Learn more

A Community that Continues to Go Above and Beyond

Covid support treats

When the going gets tough, the tough… will always appreciate the kindness and support of those around them. And at Bradley Hospital, so much of that support has come in the form of delicious meals and snacks. As our exhausted staff continues to treat the children in our care through layers of personal protective equipment and while coping with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, we could not be more thankful to the many friends who have stepped up with edible rewards. Read more

Special Holiday "Thank Yous" from Bradley Hospital


Bradley Hospital has many wonderful friends who care for our hospital and our kids all year round. Around the holidays, they tend to take it up a notch, and we’d like to share a few special shout-outs for Holiday Season 2019. Read more

Bravo Bradley 2019:
Hope through Dance Featured Video

Bravo Bradley: Hope through Dance was a rhythm-filled event to benefit Bradley Hospital’s most crucial funding needs. Your support ensures that Bradley Hospital can be there for every child and family with the treatment they need. See a girl’s journey of healing through multiple treatment programs at Bradley Hospital.

Bravo Bradley 2019:
Hope through Dance Fund-a-Need

Bradley Hospital’s signature event is Bravo Bradley. The evening’s fund-a-need benefits the Bradley Hospital Family Support Fund, which provides resources for patient families struggling with the financial burdens that can accompany a child’s mental health diagnosis.

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