Gratitude at Rhode Island Hospital

Gratitude at Rhode Island Hospital

“We are just so grateful. Not only did they save my life, but they also saved my family! I can’t thank them enough.”

Tom Bovis, patient

Tom's Story

For Tom Bovis and his wife, Lauren Lynch, expressing their gratitude for the lifesaving care Tom received in 2019 is helping them do all those things. Tom suffered a life-threatening pulmonary embolism following surgery for a broken femur. Thanks to the advanced life support and the care of his medical team, Tom not only survived, but he has made a complete recovery. Sharing his story for the Day of Giving and giving back to support the hospital and people that saved his life are just a few things Tom and Lauren are doing to show their gratitude. “People need to know about the incredible care and staff behind the walls at Rhode Island Hospital—they’re amazing,” says Lauren.

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“I’m grateful. They took wonderful, wonderful care of me. I know they were exhausted, but every time they came in they had a cheery attitude.”

Jameela Dunston, patient


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