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The Power of Gratitude

Preston Douglas MDIt’s very important that we purposefully name what we’re grateful for. There’s such a palpable benefit to people’s everyday lives when they have a feeling of gratitude on a regular basis—and the brain science backs it up. You could almost think of it as exercise for the brain. Those pathways can be reworked. For some people, it takes more work, more conscious attention. Our thinking can really change the way we view and perceive, and interact with the world. The more second nature that feeling of gratitude is on a regular basis, the better your overall well-being will be. Just having gratitude for each other and gratitude for what each of us can help the other with, whether it’s hospital and donor or just two friends. If everybody’s feeling gratitude on both sides, it will allow us to really accomplish our mission as a hospital.”

Preston Douglas, MD, Neurologist

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For more information or questions about the Gratitude Program at Newport Hospital please contact Sara Meirowitz at 401-845-4339.