Gratitude at Hasbro Children's Hospital

Gratitude at Rhode Island Hospital


"I made this painting to say thank you to Dr Luks. I hope it makes him and other people happy. He took care of me when I was sick and he was nice. Hasbro Children's Hospital means a lot to me because without their help I might have died."

Saoirse, Patient

Saoirse's Story

In late 2015, when Saoirse was just two-and-a-half, Francois Luks, MD, Pediatric Surgeon-in-Chief performed emergency surgery to remove one of her kidneys and an adrenal gland after a Wilms tumor on her kidney had burst. Looking back, her mother Marcella says she cannot fully describe the shock and despair she felt when her daughter was diagnosed with stage 3-4 cancer and rushed into the operating room. After the surgery, Saoirse required several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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“Hasbro Children’s saved my son’s life. We appreciate them because without their dedication, hard work, and service where would we be? Where would my son be if we did not have them to save his life?”

Jaysaiah’s mother, Shavonne

Jaysaiah's Story

At the age of five, Jaysaiah had a bleed in his brain due to abnormal blood vessels, also known as Brain AVM. He immediately had three surgeries to block and remove these blood vessels, but the fourth surgery was the most intense. Surgeon Konstantina Svokos, MD, and her team removed more than 400 tiny, abnormal blood vessels during the 24-hour procedure. During surgery he suffered a small minor stroke which led to a loss in movement on his left side. Jaysaiah had to learn how to swallow and eat again, but fortunately his memory and verbal skills were not impacted. After three weeks at Hasbro Children’s, and four weeks at inpatient rehab, he gained a lot of strength back. He continues to make amazing strides day-by-day with the help of occupational and physical therapies.

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