Bradley Hospital Videos


Bravo Bradley 2022: Together Brighter Futures Are Possible Featured Video

Bravo Bradley’s fund-a-need for Bradley Hospital’s 2022 signature event benefited the playground fund. Play allows kids moments of fun but also allows them to enhance their treatment goals. These funds support new and innovative play spaces as well as maintain the upkeep of outdoor play spaces for all patients.


Bravo Bradley 2021: Today's Dreams, Tomorrow's Triumphs Featured Video

The evening’s fund-a-need benefited the Healing Arts, which provides creative and therapeutic activities that improve and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients.


Bravo Bradley 2019: Hope through Dance Fund-a-Need

Bradley Hospital’s signature event is Bravo Bradley. The evening’s fund-a-need benefits the Bradley Hospital Family Support Fund, which provides resources for patient families struggling with the financial burdens that can accompany a child’s mental health diagnosis.

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