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John Peterson drawing by Melissa Weaver

Drawing of John Peterson by Melissa J. Weaver, LMHC, ATR-BC, Art Therapist

In the spring of 2018, adult and child behavioral health services at Lifespan lost a very special team member: John Peterson; the person who made the numbers work brilliantly.

John believed in doing what was best for the patients, not just what was best for the bottom line. He also believed in making the latter work with the former. A musician, a gardener, a lover of all the arts, he had a soft spot for the Healing Arts in a child psychiatric setting, and as he took on system-wide responsibility within behavioral health, he also saw the very special circumstances faced by adult patients and the things that could make a real difference in their quality of life.

The John Peterson Memorial Fund has been established to pay tribute to a numbers man with an enormous heart. Through Bradley Hospital, the fund will support healing arts for children, and through Rhode Island Hospital, support transportation and other critical needs for adults. We hope you will honor his memory with your generous support at either affiliate.


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