Israeli Exchange Program Delegation Visits The Miriam Hospital

Israeli ExchangeAs part of an ongoing cultural exchange program, a delegation of providers from the HaEmek Medical Center in Israel recently visited The Miriam Hospital. The program brings the Israelis to a hospital and surrounding community that have deep and cherished Jewish roots and serves to strengthen the bonds that The Miriam Hospital has sought to develop with its sister hospital in Afula, in the Jezreel Valley of northern Israel. The delegation included Dr. Uri Kaplan, head of bariatric surgery; Anat Katlyn, head surgical nurse; Matanes Bathish, internal division nursing director; and Ortal Yanovich, Ward D chief nurse.

“The Miriam Hospital is unique in many ways, but especially in the high level of professionalism of its nursing practices—which are some of the best we have personally seen,” the delegation remarked in a recent letter after their visit. “It was so great to see employees at all levels work with pride and caring, in loyalty and dedication, and with light in their eyes.”

“I’m delighted that The Miriam has been able to continue this transcontinental exchange of ideas with our colleagues from Emek,” said Jeffrey Brier, chair of the hospital’s Israel Steering Committee and a past chair of both The Miriam Hospital board and its hospital foundation. “Those who participate consistently find experiencing health care setting in a foreign country with a different model of care very rewarding and enlightening.”

Brier came up with the initial idea for the exchange after spending time at HaEmek in the 1990s. The program is now managed with the support of hospital president Maria Ducharme, DNP, RN, NEA-BC.

The Miriam Hospital was originally envisioned at the turn of the 20th century as a place where Jewish residents of limited means could receive medical care.