Thank you for supporting the Emergency Preparedness Fund at The Miriam Hospital.

Dear Miriam Friends and Supporters:

I hope you are safe and well. As of this writing, I am tremendously grateful and proud of the superhuman efforts I see going on across all the hospitals and outpatient services here at Lifespan. I also owe a debt of gratitude to those of you who have already reached out to me personally via text, calls and emails with offers of support and assistance for Lifespan and our caregiver teams.

Our partnership with the community could not be more important than it is today. It is now abundantly clear that in addition to the potentially devastating medical impact this crisis will have on our friends, families, and neighbors, it is already having a devastating financial impact on the state of Rhode Island’s most vital health care system: Lifespan and its affiliates. The tremendous and unforeseen increase in expenses needed to prepare for this crisis, as well as the plummeting revenue from the postponement of elective procedures to free up space for the inevitable surge of those critically ill with COVID-19, are straining our financial stability.

Now, more than ever, we need your help! We have set up a special Miriam Hospital “Emergency Preparedness Fund” to ensure we are able to provide the critical services on which our state depends. Every dollar counts.

Thank you for your support. Your contribution will literally save lives in the days to come. And if you have already made a gift, thank you, on behalf of our entire staff here at The Miriam.


Arthur J. Sampson
The Miriam Hospital

P.S. I encourage you to stay connected and informed. For more helpful information and resources on COVID-19, visit

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