RI Hospital Day of Giving

The Rhode Island Hospital 2022 Day of Giving Patient Videos

After skydiving accident, patient travels to Rhode Island
from Mexico for lifesaving surgeries

After a skydiving accident in which he experienced severe injuries that included a fractured sacrum and 7 shattered vertebrae, Michel Kuri O’Farril of Mexico City found the lifesaving surgeries he needed at Rhode Island Hospital. While his family could have sought care anywhere in the U.S., they chose world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ziya Gokaslan.


Woman treated for rare cancer thanks to a
clinical trial offered at Rhode Island Hospital

Diagnosed with a rare clear cell cancer in her abdomen, Tracy Saraceni underwent three rounds of chemotherapy with no success. Recommended for a novel clinical trial at Rhode Island Hospital, she has since had a 70 percent reduction of cancer in her body.


Crash victim says Rhode Island Hospital
got her back on her feet

Mary Wright was hit by a car and suffered a severe leg injury called degloving. She was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital and underwent multiple surgeries. Mary believes that the care she received at the state’s only Level 1 trauma center saved her leg.


Innovative knee replacement in Rhode Island allows patient
to get back to living life to the fullest

Michael Friend suffered from a rare arthritic condition in his knee that caused tremendous pain, impacting not only his quality of life but his ability to walk with confidence. But thanks to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Jenkins and a new, innovative knee replacement implant device, the 53-year-old was soon able to get back to the active lifestyle he missed.


After suffering a stroke without warning, young law enforcement professional makes full recovery thanks to Rhode Island Hospital

In the middle of a workout session and without warning, 34-year-old Ashley Correia suffered a stroke. The fit and otherwise healthy law enforcement professional was transported to her local hospital and then rushed to the region’s only designated Comprehensive Stroke Center, at Rhode Island Hospital. It was there Ashley would receive the fast-acting, expert care that would enable her to make a full recovery.


The Rhode Island Hospital 2022 Day of Giving Hospital Leadership Videos

Mario Hilario interviews Saul N. Weingart, MD, president,
Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s hospitals

Mario Hilario interviews Rhode Island Hospital president Saul N. Weingart, MD about topics that include the strain on hospitals due to COVID-19, staffing challenges, the emergency department, public health, and the importance of having a resource such as Rhode Island and Hasbro Children's hospitals so close to home.


Mario Hilario interviews Ziya Gokaslan, MD, chief of neurosurgery at Rhode Island and The Miriam hospitals

Mario Hilario interviews Ziya Gokaslan, MD, Rhode Island Hospital’s chief of neurosurgery, about the lifesaving surgeries performed on a young man involved in a skydiving accident that led to 7 shattered vertebrae and a fractured sacrum.


Mario Hilario interviews Jay Schuur, MD,
physician-in-chief for emergency medicine at Lifespan

Jay Schuur, MD, physician-in-chief for emergency medicine at Lifespan talks with Mario Hilario about Lifespan's cutting-edge emergency care including trauma, stroke, and heart attacks. He discusses the toll on healthcare workers during the last two years due to the challenges brought by the pandemic.


Mario Hilario interviews Carrie Bridges-Feliz,
director of Lifespan's Community Health Institute

Mario Hilario interviews Carrie Bridges-Feliz to talk about the mission of the Lifespan's Community Health Institute, which helps to improve the conditions in which people live, learn, work, and play. Services include education, training, ‘Food is Medicine’ programs, CPR and first aid, as well as partnerships with other organization for housing and food security needs.


For more information call Christina Haas, Director, Development Events & Corporate Relations, 401-444-7494 or chaas@lifespan.org.