Now YOU: Caring for Our Caregivers

Newport Hospital is proud to be your hospital—the place you know you can turn to when your health, and that of your loved ones, become a priority. Guided by the needs of our community, we are growing our services, improving access to care, and enhancing the patient experience. We are committed to providing you with excellence in care, close to home.

Our caregivers do so much to take care of others, now it’s time we take care of them – and remind them that our Newport Community is behind them. In 2021, Newport Hospital initiated a year-long campaign to promote and celebrate staff’s self-care and wellness. This has greatly impacted our caregivers’ hopes of Delivering health with care.

“I am so grateful that we have this rare gift of Newport Hospital in our community. It is impeccable, lovely staff, outstanding doctors and I can’t say enough about the quality of care and attention that I received.” – Newport Hospital patient

Newport Hospital Covid-19 Workers

Caring for our community for nearly 150 years.

Newport Hospital is here, by your side, to care for you in the worst and best of times. We take pride in being the five-star health care resource for all those we serve in Newport County and beyond.

Founded in 1873 as a 12-bed cottage hospital, Newport Hospital has grown to be an award-winning health care facility, offering a wide array of services.

Newport Hospital is known for its compassionate care, and clinical centers of excellence, such as The Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center, Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center, Newport Orthopedics, Newport Women’s Health, Norman Prince Spine Institute, cancer and cardiovascular care, diagnostics, and much more.

Please join us in caring for our community. We are in this together.