Bradley Schools New LondonWhy give to The Bradley Schools?

Bradley Schools provide educational and clinical services to students with specialized behavioral, psychiatric, and learning needs. Public schools pay tuition to the Bradley Schools, so great care is taken to insure that the tuition is as cost-effective as possible.

We benefit from grants and contributions from community organizations and individuals. All donations are tax deductible, and enable us to provide resources to our students to enhance their educational experience.

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What are the needs?

Technology: Our goal is to have a laptop or tablet in each student’s hand, so that they can access our online curricula, interventions, and other tools. We also have smartboards in each of our elementary school and developmental classrooms, and projection technology in all other classes. All of our electronics require periodic replacement.

Curricula: Our students access online learning programs, as well as online interventions to address challenges in reading and math. These curricula are another resource that is continually replenished. They allow students to stay on track with their home school district, which is particularly crucial for high school students fulfilling graduation requirements.

Training: Our educators have training from experts in educational technology, in order to support their use of a blended learning approach.

Arts: Our students receive art instruction from educators from the Newport Art Museum. With additional funding, our students could participate in more community-based opportunities, such as theater and museum outings.

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