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Hasbro Children's Hospital.
In January of 2009 Shayne, who was just 10 years old, was transported by ambulance to the emergency room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Shayne's shoulder had become severely swollen and he had a temperature of 103 degrees. Shayne was suffering from septic shock and respiratory failure. A bacterial infection was spreading rapidly through his body and he was quickly moved to the intensive care unit.

Shayne was induced into a coma, and IV pic line was inserted into his groin. The doctors tapped his shoulder, inserted a ventilator into his throat and gave him four platelet transfusions. The inflammation of his blood was extremely high, his red and white blood cell counts were beyond abnormal. Shayne was critically ill and his doctors struggled to identify and contain the infection. Doctors were not sure that he would live through the night.

Shayne was suffering from Pyomyositis, a rare muscle infection resulting from Group A Strepococcus. Led by the Infectious Disease team, all of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff, not only saved Shayne’s life, but where unbelievably compassionate. By January 11th, Shayne was breathing on his own but his recovery would be a difficult one. On January 24th, Shayne returned home wearing an IV pump for three months. He continued physical therapy, had blood work done weekly and continued being followed by the Infectious Disease team of doctors. Shayne missed 53 days of school and did not participate in competitive sports for nine months.

The amazing doctors and staff at Hasbro Children’s Hospital saved Shayne’s life!

Shayne has persevered, today at 15 years old he is a III Form (freshman) student at Portsmouth Abbey School. As a first year student, Shayne was elected class president this year, competed on the varsity soccer team, plays varsity hockey and looks forward to playing lacrosse in the spring. Shayne’s grades are good and he is mentally, spiritually and physically strong.

Giving back to Hasbro Children’s Hospital is very important to Shayne. He is forever grateful to the doctors and staff and hopes that his story helps bring recognition to this outstanding hospital and the caring people who work there.


Shayne Simpson


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