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Miracle Treat Day
Miracle Treat Day
All for One

Meet Jessica

Meet Christopher

As we mark 20 years since becoming Hasbro Children’s Hospital, we look back at the patients that have come through our doors. Hasbro Children’s Hospital has healed a generation of children, helping them grow into healthy adults. As part of this community, we’ve provided advanced care and research to help our boys and girls overcome the common and the not-so-common diseases of childhood. Read more >>

Christopher McKeon, Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s first brain surgery patient, with Timothy J. Babineau, MD, president, Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and president and CEO, Lifespan.

Meet Chris McKeon, featured patient at the Hasbro Children's Hospital Monopoly Ball and Hasbro Children's Hospital's first brain surgery patient. Read more >>

Meet Caleb

Meet Kristen

Caleb was six when he started to complain of “brain aches,” which were followed by an inability to cope with almost any sound--a crayon rolling on a desk would have him screaming in pain. Caleb would stay in his dark room and his mother, Dawn, would play quiet games with him, but his behavior was becoming as dark as the room and she was afraid she was losing him. Read more >>

Kristen Kasper was born with one leg shorter than the other—the result of a congenital condition called fibular hemimelia—and the dwarfed leg only had three toes. Kristen was only two weeks old when a surgeon at a premier children’s hospital said he would take care of both problems by amputating the little baby’s leg. Read more >>

Meet Emma

Meet Dorian

Emma was the featured patient at this year's Hasbro Children's Hospital Play-Doh Ball. Click here to watch a video about her story and see photos from the Hasbro Children's Hospital Play-Doh Ball. Read more >>

Click here to listen to Dorian's Story featured on the 2013 Hasbro Children's Hospital Radiothon. Read more >>

Meet Kiley and Alia

Meet Christopher

Click here to listen to Kiley and Alia's Story featured on the 2013 Hasbro Children's Hospital Radiothon.

When a baby is born with a serious birth defect, where the infant is treated can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Joe and Holly DiRaffaele know firsthand how critical it is to have a world class children’s hospital here in Rhode Island, and every day they are thankful for the lifesaving care their baby boy received at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Read more >>

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