Hasbro Children's Hospital Patient Stories


CeliaCelia, a bubbly five-year-old with an infectious smile, has Down syndrome. She adores Ava, her little sister, and Benny, their dog. Celia enjoys school. And at home, she and Ava love to sing and dance. 

But one morning in April 2015, Celia woke up unable to walk, much less dance. After a battery of tests her parents learned she had lymphoblastic lymphoma, a form of cancer. She would need two years of chemotherapy. Read more...


PawalPractically from the time their son Pawel was born, his parents knew he would be facing multiple surgeries. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called diastrophic dysplasia (DD), a form of dwarfism that leads to joint and bone problems, including severe, progressive scoliosis.

In the past, children with severe scoliosis at such a young age were often treated with a “growing” rod surgically attached along the spine to control the curvature. The patient would return for surgery twice a year so surgeons could manually extend the rods as the child grew. But thankfully, when it was time for Pawel’s surgery, Hasbro Children’s Hospital was utilizing a new technology that, after an initial surgery to place the rods, would allow doctors to magnetically lengthen the growing rod in an outpatient setting every three months, instead of in an operating room. Read more...


Patient update ColinWhen we first introduced you to Colin’s parents, their beautiful baby boy was fighting for his life in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Having suffered respiratory failure at birth, Colin was placed on cardiopulmonary life support for 19 of the most stressful days no parent should ever have to experience. But Hasbro Children’s Hospital saved Colin’s life and his parents couldn’t be more thankful.

Today, Colin’s mom regularly shares with us how well he is doing. He’s receiving Early Intervention services for speech therapy and his family is already looking forward to the day they hear his voice on the radio. He’s an active little boy who loves Thomas the Tank Engine, dancing along with The Wiggles and making people laugh. And, he was recently registered for preschool!


Patient update PaigeWhen you heard from Paige’s parents during our 2015 Radiothon, you learned how their little girl spent over 180 days in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit suffering from severe pulmonary hypertension, and a host of other complications.

Paige came home on continuous ventilator support and needed oxygen 24 hours per day. Today, Paige is off oxygen completely and only uses her vent while sleeping. She no longer needs pain meds, has fully recovered from heart surgery, and is starting to walk and talk! She has also become quite the character, dazzling everyone she meets with her pretty smile and beautiful eyes. Her parents tell us, “We could not be more proud of how far she’s come... and we could not be more thankful for everyone at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Even though we’re still on the road to recovery, we see miracles happen every day!”


Patient update ConnorConnor’s parents took to the airwaves during the 2014 Radiothon and shared how their 21 month-old son braved a battle with a rare form of brain cancer with the help of his oncology team at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Today, Connor is a healthy, active 3 year-old and his most recent MRI shows no evidence of cancer. Now the happy family can focus on the joys of living – reading books, playing hide ‘n seek, playing with the dog and enjoying every second life has to offer.


Patient update GraceWhen you heard from Grace’s parents on our Radiothon, you learned how their sweet little girl battled and survived a rare cancer.

Today, they tell us that Grace continues to do very well. She is now 5 years old, enjoying preschool and making new friends everywhere she goes. She loves arts and crafts and playing soccer with her twin sister Lila. Her family is planning a big Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate all of their blessings. Her father, Anthony, says “We know that without Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Grace wouldn’t be here today – we’re extremely fortunate to have a hospital of this quality here in Rhode Island and will forever be grateful for the care our little girl received.”

Meet Violet


Angela and Dan Graney of South Kingstown thought they knew all there was to know about Hasbro Children’s Hospital. They’d already turned to our Emergency Department twice: first when their daughter Paige cut her head, and again when their son Harrison broke his collar bone.

But as the couple excitedly awaited the birth of their third child in May of 2014, they had no idea Violet would enter the world fighting for her life. Read More>>

Meet Brayden

Brayden Lavallee

Brayden LaVallee was a happy and healthy baby boy in June 2013 when his parents, Elizabeth and Alex, made the trek from Rhode Island to New Hampshire with their 11-month old to visit Elizabeth’s parents.

What began as a joyous visit suddenly turned horribly wrong.

“One minute everything was fine, and then all of a sudden, Brayden become inconsolable, white as a ghost and extremely lethargic,” recalls Elizabeth. “We called 9-1-1 and he was airlifted to a nearby hospital—I can’t even put into words how frightened we were.” Read More>> 

Meet Jeannette

Imagine lifting your six-month-old baby from her crib and hearing her cry out in pain as her tiny leg catches in your shirt. For most babies, this would be no reason for concern. For Jeannette Finch, now seven years old, her father’s simple action caused a hairline fracture in her femur.

Jeannette’s parents, John and Carol, had feared this “first break” since before their daughter was born, when genetic tests confirmed that Jeannette had inherited a rare disorder known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) or “brittle bone disease.” Her father knows the pain of OI first-hand, as John inherited OI from his own mother and has had more than 50 fractures since birth. Read More>>

Meet Jenna

Jenna Cline with Mom at HasbroIn January 2008 when Jamie Cline went into labor a month early with her second daughter Jenna, she had no idea her baby girl was about to defy all odds and would one day be described as “a miracle on top of a miracle.”

Before Jamie was rushed to the birthing hospital for an emergency caesarean section, the placenta had separated from the uterus, depriving Jenna of oxygen. Her umbilical cord was also wrapped twice around her neck. When she was delivered, Jenna wasn’t breathing and CPR was implemented. Read More>>

Meet Jessica

In February 2014 we marked 20 years since becoming Hasbro Children’s Hospital, we looked back at the patients that have come through our doors. Hasbro Children’s Hospital has healed a generation of children, helping them grow into healthy adults. As part of this community, we’ve provided advanced care and research to help our boys and girls overcome the common and the not-so-common diseases of childhood. Read more>>

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