Bravo Bradley 2020

Bravo Bradley 2020:
An anniversary unlike ever before, at a time like never before

As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, it seemed unfathomable that the 10th anniversary of our Bravo Bradley gala could possibly be cancelled. How could all the hard work of our dedicated committee members be for naught? What would happen to the Bradley Hospital finances without this critical source of support, and would the Healing Arts Program – in desperate need of funding and long-planned as the fund-a-need beneficiary – have to be suspended?

These questions and more were answered when co-chairs Tricia and Tim O’Neil, and their entire event committee, refused to give up on the effort. Everyone swung into action, offering previously committed sponsors alternative opportunities for recognition, and calling on past donors to give even though there wouldn’t be a party.


“You can cancel a party,” said Tricia. “But you can’t cancel a need.” The letters and emails flew, and fingers dialed. The outpouring of support wasn’t just gratifying, it was unprecedented. Never before had Bradley achieved this level of fundraising success without a gala.

“Bradley supporters understand the need better than anyone,” added Tim, “and we won’t let the children and families down.”

All told, Bravo Bradley raised more than $400,000 without serving so much as a glass of water. The Healing Arts Program has been shored up enough to last to the next gala, and we couldn’t be prouder of the community we are part of. That said, everyone looks forward to getting together as soon as we can, and the O’Neils have signed on to serve as chairs for another year.

“The committee meetings might look different, and the venue might have to change, but we signed on for this project, and we’re not letting anyone down.”

The theme for Bravo Bradley will remain the same for 2021. And in the age of COVID, it seems “Today’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Triumphs” couldn’t be more appropriate. Please stay tuned for additional updates; and if you’d like to get involved, please reach out to Jessica Foley, Senior Development Officer, at

Bravo Bradley 2020: A Special Message from Bradley Hospital

Bradley Hospital Greatest Needs Fund

This fund supports the hospital’s areas of greatest need, ensuring that Bradley Hospital continues to be a resource for every family in need of our services. The opportunities have never been greater to enhance our expert care, innovative research, and effective treatment.

Healing Arts Program

The 2020 Fund-a-Need will support the Healing Arts Program, which provides creative and therapeutic activities that improve and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients. The program is not reimbursable by insurance but is an extremely important part of Bradley’s continuum of care. During the COVID-19 crisis, kids have felt increasingly isolated and anxious during what is already the most difficult times in their lives. Our expressive therapists and community arts are incredibly passionate and motivated and have transitioned to continue these programs on a virtual platform.

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