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Not long ago, Peter Dubiel was enjoying the kind of smooth-sailing, early retirement most of us hope to have. But, hearing the words, “You’ve got prostate cancer” changed all that overnight.

Peter’s days of enjoying hobbies and a fun, part-time job were quickly taken over by radiation and chemotherapy treatments, along with their unpleasant side-effects and seemingly endless rounds of medical tests, scans and blood work. Read more >>

Kara Sousa was so busy taking care of her three month-old baby and three year - old son that she didn’t notice the lump in her breast. It was discovered at her routine annual exam. From there, she was sent for an ultrasound and mammogram. Then came a biopsy which revealed the stunning news. 

Breast cancer had invaded her life. Read on >>

Katelyn Petteruti had serious medical issues—irregular heartbeats, lupus, a low platelet count that could cause excessive bleeding—and to make things even more complicated, her irregular heartbeats could cause blood clots which would put her at risk of having a stroke.

Katelyn desperately wanted to have a second child, but she was warned that the pregnancy would be dangerous for both her and the baby. She went from doctor to doctor, but none of them would encourage her to have another child.

Then she met Dr. Margaret (Peg) Miller at The Miriam Hospital. Read her story>>

Mary LeFebvre thought she had heartburn. Neither she nor her husband Bob knew that the discomfort she was experiencing was coming from a blockage in one of her major heart arteries. But when she fell on the kitchen floor and was half conscious when Bob got to her, they both knew she was seriously ill.

When the emergency team arrived, they had to carry her through the snow to a fire truck which was able to get Mary and her husband to a waiting ambulance on a cleared patch of road. It took precious time…and time was definitely not on Mary’s side. Find out what happened when she arrived at The Miriam Hospital>>

Cancer is rarely predictable. For Pamela St. John, a busy attorney, it hit her like a ton of bricks. Seemingly overnight, two lumps showed up in her groin, and her leg swelled. As she went through a dizzying array of tests to find out what was going on, more lumps began to appear on her neck and under her arms. She feared cancer. And she was right.

Pamela was diagnosed with low-grade follicular lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Fortunately, she was referred to Dr. Edward Wittels, a leading expert in blood disorders and hematology/oncology at The Leonard and Adele R. Decof Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Miriam Hospital. Read about Pamela's story>>


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