The Rhode Island Hospital 2023 Day of Giving Videos

Cancer treatment at Rhode Island Hospital inspires patient to become a nurse

An out-of-the-blue leukemia diagnosis shocked Rachel Morris, yet also inspired her to continue her pursuit of becoming a certified nurse. Today, she’s realized both a 3-year remission and her nursing goal.


Unique clinical trial at Rhode Island Hospital
leaves Portsmouth man cancer-free

Plagued by odd ailments and unexplained weight loss, Robert was suddenly faced with a stomach cancer diagnosis. When conventional therapies did little to fight the disease, a renowned local oncologist went outside-the-box to treat Bob’s cancer through a clinical trial that’s since left the Portsmouth man cancer-free more than two years later.


Mother and daughter breast cancer survivors
receive same great care, 20 years apart

With a history of breast cancer on both sides of her family, it was never a matter of ‘if’ Michelle would get the disease, but when. Diagnosed at 42, she would receive treatment at the same incredible facility that cared for her mother 20 years earlier.