Hasbro Children's Hospital

Renovations Nearing the Finish Line!

Two years ago, as part of the $35 million Every Child, Every Day campaign, sweeping renovations began at Hasbro Children’s to transform the region’s leading pediatric hospital and position it as a premier care provider well into the future. Today, most phases of the extensive work have concluded or are reaching their final stages, and all projects are expected to be completed by spring 2022.

“The finish line is definitely in sight, and we are all very excited about that,” says Tracey Wallace, Vice President of Pediatric Services. “The structural changes being made to our physical space reflect how health care has evolved over the years and incorporate what we know about the importance of creating family-centered healing environments to ensure optimal outcomes.”

Improving the hospital experience for patients and families and helping staff achieve their mission of Delivering health with care was at the heart of every design and construction decision—and it shows.

For patients and families, more comfortable furniture, new areas for quiet conversation or to consult with doctors, improved wayfinding signage, enhanced color schemes and plentiful art, and entirely reimagined outdoor space for respite and activities are just some of the welcome additions. Smarter room layouts, which enable staff quicker, easier access to the technology, equipment, and supplies they need, is but one example of the improvements on the provider side.

Hasbro Renovations

‘It took a village’

Tracey emphasizes that “it took a village” to get the hospital where it is today, and that many individuals and organizations are deserving of shout-outs. Chief among them, she says, are Dimeo Construction—our exceptional builder partner who was mindful to minimize any disruption to patient care—and, of course, our incredible donor community.

“Without philanthropic support we would simply not be able to do this work or be in a position to serve the community to the level that we do,” Tracey says. “We are fortunate and grateful to have such committed, caring people on our side.”

At a Glance: Some Recent Updates

Hasbro 4 Inpatient

All 24 rooms have been fully renovated. Upgrades include larger, redesigned sleeping areas; calming, controllable lighting; expanded space for staff and supplies; new technology to allow for in-room patient validation, scannable medications management, and improved safety processes. Completed.

Emergency Department

The trauma room has been completely revamped. The layout was reworked to maximize storage, ease access to critical supplies. Additionally, a teaching/observation area was carved out; new, state-of-the-art equipment was added; provider workstations were modified to enhance communication and coordination; and rooms received an overall “facelift” to make them more kid friendly. Completed.

Hasbro upper lobby

Upper Lobby

Hasbro Tomorrow Fund Clinic

Tomorrow Fund Clinic Reception

Upper and Lower Lobbies

The entire spaces are being remodeled. Open areas brightened, revitalized; semi-private sitting stations and large conference room added; and improvements to visitor validation and security areas. But the pièce de résistance—literally—will be a huge sculpture, designed by award-winning artist Peter Diepenbrock. The colorful stainless steel and glass mobile-like installation will hang from the ceiling in the atrium for all to see and enjoy. Scheduled completion: Early 2022.

Hasbro 5 Inpatient

Sixteen rooms have been removed with a portion of the space being repurposed as a dedicated pod for immuno-compromised hematology/oncology patients. This will be a closed unit to ensure proper air flow/quality and meet infection control standards. Scheduled completion: Spring 2022.

Hasbro lower lobby

Lower Lobby

Hasbro ambulatory recepltion

Ambulatory Reception

Healing Spaces

A healing space is one where the care, compassion, and science of medicine meet the comforts of home. When children and families put their hopes in Bradley Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital, they should be enveloped in a care environment that is modern and comforting – one that promotes healing.

Below is a slideshow of some of the amazing renovations that have taken place from the bottom to the top floor of Hasbro Children's Hospital. Each floor has a designated color and graphic scheme to help families find their way and to brighten our patients’ stay.


Hasbro Children's Hospital Pediatric Surgical Suite
Hasbro Children's Hospital Pediatric Surgical Suite



Bradley Hospital Carol A. Peterson Welcome Center

The new Carol A. Peterson Welcome Center was completed because of support from people like you. This beautiful space was critical to accommodating the growing patient population at Bradley Hospital and putting families in crisis at ease upon arrival.

Bradley Hospital Carol A. Peterson Welcome Center
Bradley Hospital Carol A. Peterson Welcome Center