Hasbro Children’s Hospital Greatest Needs Fund

All unrestricted gifts to Hasbro Children’s Hospital support the hospital’s areas of greatest need, including patient services, educational programs, and innovative research ensuring that children receive the best possible medical care available. This fund provides vital resources to establish and grow significant programs throughout Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Without philanthropy, many of these programs, such as Child Life and the Healing Arts, would simply not exist.

Pediatric Neurology

This year’s fund-a-need will support pediatric neurology’s comprehensive care and innovative treatment options for children living with a wide range of neurological conditions. Each year, more than 13,000 children suffering from disorders of the nervous system seek care at Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s department of pediatric neurology. When a child is suffering from a brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerve disorder, our teams of experts are there to evaluate, diagnose, and deliver world-class care while also supporting their family. Often, patients with neurological conditions require personalized, long-term care. Your support will ensure that pediatric neurology patients receive the best quality of care and achieve their highest quality of life, right here in Rhode Island.

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For more information, please contact Christina Haas at 401-444-7494, chaas@lifespan.org.