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Our Caring Hearts Program at The Miriam Hospital gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to support the hospital while paying tribute to caregivers who made a difference during the patient’s visit or stay. Each honored Caring Heart provider will receive a letter informing him or her of the thoughtful gift, as well as a custom-crafted lapel pin to wear proudly on their lab coat.

“My husband and I wish to thank The Miriam Hospital Coronary Care Unit’s entire staff for the many countless things that were done to insure his comfort at every level and for the professional way his care was managed.”

Donations to The Caring Hearts Program will support The Miriam Hospital Fund for a New Generation, which provides vital resources to areas with the greatest funding needs, including patient care services, educational programs, and innovative research projects.

“Dr. Rochelle Strenger, a truly fantastic oncologist at The Miriam, was my doctor… and she was simply the best. We connected right away. Yes, I was concerned about the treatments, but I had all the confidence in the world that I would get the finest care at The Miriam.”


Click here to honor a caregiver.


For more information, please contact Nicole Purcell at 401-793-2152 or email her at





Debbi Gilstein Jaffe
Chief Development Officer

Holly Ann Palermo
Senior Gift Officer

Nicole M. Purcell
Senior Gift Officer
401- 793-2152

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