Gratitude at Bradley Hospital

The Power of Gratitude

“When Thomas finally got to Bradley, he spent three-and-a-half months there. And they saved him. They saved our family, quite honestly. We are totally indebted to Bradley for what they did for our family.”

Karen and Russell Raposa

The Raposa's Story

Karen and Russell Raposa’s youngest child, Tommy, was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Tommy, who is non-verbal, struggled with self-injury and aggressive behavior. And for years, the family found it difficult to find him the help he needed. At age 12, Tommy went through an especially rough period, which was when the family learned about the services at Bradley Hospital through a referral from a pediatrician. After Tommy was admitted into the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CADD) inpatient program, he finally received the care and treatment needed for his symptoms to improve. After more than three months at Bradley, his care team determined it was safe for him to return home. “At the time, I think they were the only hospital in the country with an autism unit,” Karen recalls. Tommy, now 22 and living in a supportive community residence for people with autism, still has difficult days, but his quality of life has significantly improved since he was treated at Bradley Hospital. For that, the family says they are “forever grateful.”

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