Bravo Bradley 2020

Bravo Bradley: Today's Dreams, Tomorrow's Triumphs Committee

Event Chairs

Tricia and Tim O’Neil



Shari and Kosta Bitsis

Betty and Joe Brito, Jr.*

Susan O. and David A. Brown

Tina and Bill Carr, Sr.*

Joseph L. Dowling, Jr., MD

Lee Edwards

Carol and Jonathan Feinstein

Marcy and Rick Granoff *

Annette and Jason Grant

Jeffrey Hirsh

Diane Hunter and Manuel Irujo

Rosemary and Mehdi Khosrovani *

Kelly and Bernard Lambrese

Stacy and Anthony Landi

Michele Levy

Carol Peterson

Karen and Russell Raposa

Henry T. Sachs III, MD

Joan and Larry Sadwin

Blair and Ryan Schiffer

Trish Sitcoske

Bill Tracey

Brenda and David Turchetta

Daniel J. Wall


* Past Event Chairs