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Rhode Island Hospital was built through the generosity of the community, beginning in 1857 with a bequest by Moses Brown Ives to establish a fund for a hospital in Rhode Island. On October 1, 1868, the founders of Rhode Island Hospital gathered on the hospital grounds to dedicate the new hospital, founded to serve the citizens of our state as its name indicated.

That generosity upon which the hospital was created has continued throughout the years to support major campaigns. Through philanthropy and ongoing community support, Rhode Island Hospital has continued to expand and improve to support its mission to be at the forefront of medicine.

Today's Rhode Island Hospital honors the memory of our founders and we believe it is all they imagined and more. Throughout its rich history, Rhode Island Hospital has created a legacy of milestones that have had enormous impact on the community. Today it is a national leader in research, a major teaching hospital and is home to some of the nation's finest doctors. Through the years, we have remained true to the vision of our founders; to provide care to the region's most seriously ill and injured with the latest medical technology available.

Collectively, the community has supported many special campaigns, including drives to fund the $8.75 million, 10-story hospital which opened in 1955; the innovative $10 million Ambulatory Care Center built in the 1970s; and the world-class Hasbro Children's Hospital, for which the community raised $24 million.

Procedures, once unimaginable, have become common lifesaving measures practiced at our facility. For example, in March 1997, the first kidney transplant was performed at Rhode Island Hospital. Since then, 561 kidney transplants have been performed here, making the hospital the most active kidney transplant center in New England.

In addition, the hospital is a leader in the use of state-of-the-art technology. We have experienced many "firsts" in the area of cancer treatment advances.

For example, Rhode Island Hospital was the first hospital in New England to use the gamma knife to treat brain tumors, as well as the first in Rhode Island to utilize the Trilogy©Stereotactic System.

Despite the incredible achievements and advancements that have taken place, Rhode Island Hospital remains fervently dedicated to the values upon which it was founded. The hospital is committed to Ives' vision of providing medical care excellence to the entire community, regardless of the ability to pay. In 2004 alone, the hospital provided over 34.7 million dollars worth of uncompensated care.

In order for us to continue to provide the best in care to people of all backgrounds, as well as remain a strong teaching hospital that funds groundbreaking research and provides the most advanced technology, we depend upon the continued support of our generous donors. Please help us to maintain our legacy of excellence as we venture together into the 21st century.