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In the Words of Our Patients

Our patients often write to thank us for the care they received at Newport Hospital. We are pleased to share some excerpts from their letters:

NursesA Hospital With Heart

"There is a feeling of hospitality and warmth when one enters the hospital, and smiles and reassurance from the reception desk greet the anxious patient. A maintenance worker stops to ask if directions are needed. The foyer is lovely and adds to the charm in such a way that one forgets the reason for coming..."

"The essence, however, is the degree of professionalism shown by the people who comprise the Newport Hospital community. Recently, I had an MPJ surgical implant. My surgical procedure was clearly not life threatening; however, the manager of surgical services made me feel that I was the only patient in the hospital. You are very fortunate to have in your employ these dedicated and valued employees..."

"Should I or my husband require hospitalization in the future, Newport Hospital will be our choice. It has heart."

Fortunate to Have the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

"My Dad was a patient in the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center at Newport Hospital. I'd like to let you know how happy we were with the care he received there..."

"The admission process was easier than I expected and moved quickly and smoothly. All of the staff members, from administrative to nurses, therapists and aids were very professional while at the same time caring and sensitive to Dad's needs. Every time a staff member came into the room I knew they'd have Dad smiling and with uplifted spirits by the time they left..."

"Dad progressed so rapidly under the care he received at Vanderbilt that his stay was shorter than expected. I was very grateful for the excellent assistance and co-operation we received during his discharge and the training I was given for his home care. We are so fortunate to have Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center in our community."

More Kudos for the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

"It is my pleasure to comment on my recent stay at Newport Hospital. The facilities at Vanderbilt Rehabilitation, with help from the ICU, were superb only to be superseded by the excellent quality of care provided by the medical staff and supporting group. Kudos to the nurses and staff on all shifts."

A Truly Great Hospital

"I would like to say that it is wonderful to have hospital doctors who are very dedicated to skill and care, and who are continuously on hand to order tests and treatments. I was impressed with how well the doctors work together with great professionalism and compassion, and I felt great confidence and comfort. Newport Hospital has become a truly great hospital for all of us; we can be proud of it."

The Newport Hospital Family

Excellent Care"My husband was a patient at Newport Hospital for much of the last six months. We both feel his recovery was due to the wonderful care he received from physicians, nurses and support personnel at Newport Hospital. When his condition began to improve he had a personal cheering section from the staff. Nurses came to visit him from other floors and we know they really cared..."

"This letter is long, but so was my husband's stay. Our thanks to:

  • the transport people, who cheerfully and gently carried him to a million tests;
  • diagnostic imaging, who performed the million tests;
  • the lab techs, who always managed to find a vein;
  • housekeeping, who gave him a smile and a pat;
  • reception at the front desk, who always asked about him;
  • the parking lot guards, who always found me a space month after month; and
  • the kitchen staff, who asked what they could send on his tray to improve his intake."

"All these people were instrumental in my husband and I surviving this ordeal. He gets stronger every day, and we owe the Newport Hospital family a great debt of gratitude."

An Enjoyable Stay

"I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay on the 6th floor in the hospital. The staff members were so nice and helpful. It was lovely to see the loving care everyone got. May God bless each one for their kindness to all of us."

Expert Care in the ER

"This is to thank the emergency room staff at Newport Hospital. I fell on a sidewalk in Newport on Saturday afternoon, receiving a laceration on my forehead. Unable to stop the bleeding, I went to the ER that evening. The care and attention I received was outstanding."

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