All for one music video
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Check Out Our New All For One Music Video...

Hasbro Children’s Hospital “All for One” music video by The Fam
(featuring Vincent King and Frend)

The music video “All for One” was created for Hasbro Children’s Hospital, as a gift from Hasbro, Inc., to express our promise to our community. All of our knowledge, our experience, and our passion for healing are devoted to each child in our care. At Hasbro Children's Hospital, our experts come together as a team focused on each child. It is a promise of excellence—a promise that we demonstrate every day to our patients and their families. 

Give a Gift and Make a Difference in a Child's Life


Every day we treat hundreds of kids who rely on Hasbro Children's Hospital for the very best care available.

Our philosophy of care is All for One, and that means our entire team of doctors, nurses, clinicians and administrators is dedicated to providing each child with the excellent individual care that he or she deserves. Your support helps ensure that our vital work continues.

To heal a child – or even save a child's life – there is no greater joy. Our mission at Hasbro Children's Hospital is to provide the best medical care to kids and families; to conduct groundbreaking research to discover tomorrow's cures; and to educate world-class physicians and nurses.

Your generosity is the cornerstone of everything that we do every day. When you give to Hasbro Children's Hospital your gifts:

  • Help care for and comfort children when they are at their most vulnerable

  • Provide families and local communities with crucial health care resources

  • Improve and expand critical programs, services and facilities


Every gift, no matter how small, makes an enormous difference. Each gift is an investment in the future of pediatric medicine, research, and medical education in southeastern New England. And the effects of your gifts are both immediately felt and incredibly far-reaching.

We can't thank you enough for your support.